This website is meant to help promote developers who have quality products but are not pro.

Developers picked as the featured creator are chosen based on both quality and quantity. At times quality will outweigh quantity and vice versa.

As a developer and ex-model I will be sure to choose as many styles and tastes as possible, no matter how quirky or average they may be.

The requested section:

Developers: Creators of IMVU can get on the site easier by utilizing the requested section which is first come first serve. This section was created for smaller shops that wouldn’t qualify for the featured section and creators that have derivable products.

Shoppers: This is meant as a service to the people using this site to find new products for their outfits. Shoppers can request a specific type of item and they will be posted first come first serve as well.

I have every intention of updating each featured section separately every couple of weeks while the featured creator will be there to stay for a minimum of a month. The requested section will be the most frequently updated since it is the easiest to manage.

In the future when the website picks up I have every intention of adding more sections and updating more often for your further enjoyment.

If you wish to be on this site (featured or requested), have further questions, and/or suggestions please contact me.

Sincerely,  ~MoooChi